About Mpisi Group
In 2004 Mpisi Group started with the dream of making clearing and forwarding effortless and simple. Our clients valued our initial approach and as time passed we found ourselves energised in meeting any challenges with strategy and skill.

Mpisi Group is experiencing rapid and substantial growth.

Today we offer services, knowledge capital, infrastructure, manpower and promising partnerships within the trade and logistics industry.

We are well-placed to identify strategic access to new markets through our partnerships in the automobile and communications industry.

We provide solutions that are integrated within the process of trade and enterprise as a whole. These solutions complement each other and give us the competitive advantage when it comes to understanding Africa and Asia every step of the way.

Our head office is based in Johannesburg – South Africa’s vibrant city of gold and gateway to the rest of Africa. Our other South African branch is in Durban with its dynamic harbour which welcomes opportunities from the East.

Mpisi Group’s other branches are located in both Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, and China.

Our business partners are leaders in the industry and are located in the business hubs of Asia including Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other parts of China.

Business coverage extends to our African neighbours and beyond.

This expanding network of trade and opportunity includes African countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Angola, Zambia, the DRC, Congo and Nigeria.

We believe in the world we operate in and actively recognise that our future lies within the development of our people. We provide opportunities for growth and career advancement by investing in communities through the exchange of skills.

We also believe in corporate social responsibility and the gift of direct investment in a number of worthy causes. We always aim to extend a helping hand to organisations that drive forward the kindness that makes a difference to our society.